Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss: New Fall Shades

Anyone who knows me well, knows there is one thing in the makeup world I will not do without . . . Lip stuff. When I say "lip stuff" I personally mean lip balms, lip moisturizers, Carmex, and a plethora of lip glosses. I mean, I'm the girl who sleeps with lip gloss on.

This year, I have tried as much as possible to rock various lipsticks. With my caramel brown skin tone, I can wear A LOT of them, but I'm just not a huge fan of how they feel and wear. The only lipstick I would consider having a collection of is Dior Addict Lipstick. Partially because the wear is much like a lip gloss, and because the packaging is perfect (though we can discuss those and all their glory at another time). We all have our personal preferences and mine is lip gloss. 

I have recently been introduced to Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses, and let me say . . . An absolute win. They are hands-down the most pigmented glosses I have ever used, they smell pretty good, and almost act as a stain. They aren't super sticky (which I don't care about, but I know many do) and there is a huge option of shades. My most recent love is the newest shade collection for fall.

For those of you who are true to a nude lip year round, Kristen or Butterscotch is perfect (depending on your complexion). If you like to rock a deeper, Vampy look for the fall season, you must try Potion. All of the shades are beautiful! If I had to pick only four (notice I said only four because only one or two is impossible), I would choose; Fudge, Tara, Warm Bronze and Potion. 

The lip glosses are available at Macy's and online at

What is your favorite lip color for fall? And what is your favorite lip product?! Be sure to comment below!

Stay beautiful! . . . Inside and out.