Prom Hair & Makeup

I cannot believe that it is May 2014! Where has this year gone? .... Most of the hair and makeup work I do is primarily bridal, performance based, or editorial. However, during the months of April and May, "prom season" is in full effect :-) I have so much fun working with these gorgeous young ladies and helping them achieve their desired prom look. As with many of my clients I ask them to either create a Pinterest board OR send me photos of looks they like. This year, I have received many photos of  Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, as well as lots of Selena Gomez and even Anne Hathaway.  

Prom is a great time to experiment with a new look and the perfect time to have fun! There are so many beauty options and as long as you are true to who you are, you won't go wrong. I recently had the privilege to work with a natural redhead who was GORGEOUS! She had very long, thick red hair, blue eyes, and perfect freckles. We had previously discussed her desired look and decided to go with loose curls and a slightly smokey eye. 

I know many makeup artist post before & after photos, however for this post I'm going to post "the process" and "the after!" The above is after we curled hair and had already done most of her eye makeup. Before she had arrived I had no idea she had so many freckles. I know many women cover their freckles, but I consistently encourage clients to embrace their beauty. I can't tell you how many times as a makeup artist a photographer or client has wanted me to create freckles! ... So I kept her foundation to a bare minimum by mixing a moisturizer with Make Up For Ever's HD foundation, and allowed her beautiful skin and freckles to show. She is also gifted with full lips and long lashes! ... I mean how much does one person get right?! She was the perfect client and just allowed me to do my job and pamper her. Below is the finished look, before she headed home to get dressed in her blue gown!

Stay beautiful! ... Inside & out