Favorite Beauty Product: AUGUST

Hey there! Thought I had disappeared didn't you? LOL! No way! Just enjoying the summer wedding season madness! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see my latest beauty post and gorgeous brides and clients!

So before August 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty product of the month. BUT . . .  This time I am sharing 2 of them! Mainly because I consider both necessities and feel the need to have them available at all times.

Both products are from Dermalogica, which is 1 of the skincare brands I recommend to my clients. They are the number 1 choice of skin care professionals in the world and they focus on beautiful, healthy skin; not pretty packaging.

Dermalogica's Ultracalming Mist is a must-have for anyone with sensitive skin. Regardless of whether your skin is dry, normal, oily or combination; if it's sensitive you NEED this.

This is one of the first products I tried from Dermalogica and I placed an order specifically for this. At the time I was dealing with eczema patches on my eyelids, plus constantly reacting to anything and everything when I stepped outside. This was a lifesaver for me and my face. Sometimes my skin reacts to something and I have no clue what it is, and end up with itchy little bumps on my face. Anytime my skin is reacting or I'm having issues with my eczema, I will spray this all over and within a minute I feel relief. And with it being summer time here in the south . . . The coolness of this mist is perfection!

My other recommendation for August is their Antioxidant Hydramist. This was something I just decided to try it and see what happens. I'm not 20 years old anymore and figured adding antioxidants to my skincare routine could only help. It's a great refresher to use in the morning after washing your face, or midday to give your skin a quick boost.

One thing I did specifically notice when using this consistently, is my skin did not look dull. It had a constant glow that looked amazing!

And just a tip for you . . . Placing these 2 in the refrigerator only adds to the amazingness!

What have you enjoyed this month in your beauty routine? It could be a hair or makeup product, skincare or anything else beauty related. Comment below.

Stay Beautiful! . . . Inside and out.

Skin Care Search Over?

I finally received my package from Dermalogica today. I say finally because I had some major customer service issues with them pertaining to shipping. For me customer service is MAJOR, and if a company is lacking, I'm uninterested. However, I've been having some major skin issues lately and Dermalogica came highly recommended. 

I purchased the products about 5 days ago because I was at my wits end with my skin. I have super sensitive, oily skin that reacts to everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! ... From someone's perfume, foods my body hates, medication, weather extremes, and everything else. For the past couple of months nothing has calmed my skin and I have tried luxury brands to drugstore to all natural. 

I purchased the products about 5 days ago and needed them immediately (hence the shipping/customer service issue). But due to skin that can't even stand water running on it right now, I will be trying them out.

I purchased the Ultra Calming Cleanser, Ultra Calming Mist, Active Moist (which I do keep in my makeup kit for clients), and the Antioxidant Hydramist ... I also received a sample of their Precleanse.

I'm hoping to have some type of success with them tonight and if all goes well I'll give you an update in about 2 weeks ;-) 

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out