Skin Care Search Over?

I finally received my package from Dermalogica today. I say finally because I had some major customer service issues with them pertaining to shipping. For me customer service is MAJOR, and if a company is lacking, I'm uninterested. However, I've been having some major skin issues lately and Dermalogica came highly recommended. 

I purchased the products about 5 days ago because I was at my wits end with my skin. I have super sensitive, oily skin that reacts to everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! ... From someone's perfume, foods my body hates, medication, weather extremes, and everything else. For the past couple of months nothing has calmed my skin and I have tried luxury brands to drugstore to all natural. 

I purchased the products about 5 days ago and needed them immediately (hence the shipping/customer service issue). But due to skin that can't even stand water running on it right now, I will be trying them out.

I purchased the Ultra Calming Cleanser, Ultra Calming Mist, Active Moist (which I do keep in my makeup kit for clients), and the Antioxidant Hydramist ... I also received a sample of their Precleanse.

I'm hoping to have some type of success with them tonight and if all goes well I'll give you an update in about 2 weeks ;-) 

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out