Bride Plus 3, 4, or MORE!

It's October ... I mean, I seriously cannot believe it is already October! I know people always say every year goes by so quickly, but THIS year is almost over!!! 

It has been a busy, hectic, and fun year. And I have had so many weddings these past few months! I don't know about other wedding vendors, but for me, between May and October go  by in a daze! Plus I was honored to be the hair and makeup artist for The 9th NotWedding Atlanta event last week (more on that soon)!

I honestly feel like I have the most amazing clients! Not only are my brides amazing, but their friends, bridesmaids, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers are also fabulous!

When a bride contacts me, very rarely is she interested in makeup just for herself. 95% of my brides want their entire bridal party to look their most beautiful ... I mean let's think about it, the investment that you make for the photographer and videographer ... Everyone needs to look fab!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with Ashlee who I has already gotten to know quite well. Her maid of honor, Nikkee, contacted me about a trial and we have had a great time ever since! It was a such a joy seeing all of them have such a great time enjoying the morning together and getting glammed up!

I did hair and makeup for the bride and mother of the bride (and even changed the brides hair up for her reception as well). I also got to do makeup for the 5 bridesmaids. Rachel, who was one of those bridesmaids was kind enough to send me a selfie a few days ago.

She wrote the sweetest note and gave me the best compliment ever! She is naturally quite gorgeous so glamming her up was a lot of fun! She seriously smokin' hot!

Thank you Rachel for this photo, your spirit, and kindness! I look forward to the day when I can work with you again. The entire bridal party was so attentive to Ashlee and you could feel the love. And I'm already excited to see some of the professional photos :-) The wedding took place at Primrose Cottage, which has a lovely bridal suite and is perfectly photogenic.

For me it's so much fun to create different looks for everyone, making sure everyone feels beautiful and is comfortable. It's important to make sure that "glam time" is stress free, full of laughter, beautiful memories, and flawless faces! 

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out


Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!!! ...

Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some glitter. Whether it's glitter lips, glitter on the inner corner of the eye, or glitter as eyeliner ... I make it work!  Often times I incorporate glitter when doing different Indian bridal looks, and typically when this happens the glitter is placed near the eyes. When I do this, it is imperative that I use cosmetic grade glitter.

See, sometimes when I'm working with a performer or doing body paint, I can use glitter from anywhere. I often time grab stacks of glitter from Hobby Lobby or around certain holidays Target or Walmart. But whenever glitter is placed on the face, especially near the eyes, the type of glitter you use matters.

Depending on where it comes from, most glitters are made from plastic or even glass. And when the particles are quite tiny, you don't want them to get in your eye. That's where cosmetic glitter comes from. I typically use glitters from a company called Lit Cosmetics. Their glitter particles are made of rounded plastic, so I don't have to worry about it irritating a clients eye. I personally like to occasionally wear glitter on my lips, and I love that cosmetic glitter doesn't feel so "yucky."

So for those of you who are a bit bolder, or if you just want to add a bit of sparkle to a particular makeup look ... make sure it isn't just your run-of-the-mill glitter from the craft store ;-)

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out