Luxury Bridal Ball in Cobb

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone's 2015 is off to a wonderful start! I'm looking forward to sharing more with you on my blog this year. You can look forward to photo shoot recaps, bridal events in the Southeast area, product reviews, and even recommendations on some amazing wedding and special event vendors I work with who are amazing! So make sure you subscribe to get updates on new post ;-)

Photography provided by Jonathan & Kaye Photography

I started this year off with the Bridal Ball on January 11, 2015. It is a luxury bridal show and Atlanta's most well-attended bridal show as well. I was honored to be asked to provide hair and makeup for some of the models who were a part of the festivities! 

A gorgeous gown for the "Fashionista Bride" from CTO Bridal Boutique, photography provided by Jonathan & Kaye Photography

I provided hair and makeup for the models of  CTO Bridal Boutique. The owner, Cereatha Owens-Fontanez, is such a sweetheart and provides wonderful service to her clients, so definitely check out the boutique . . .  They have something for every bride! 

I wasn't feeling well that weekend, but the show must go on! So for all my bride-to-be's, I will show up ready to rock 'n' roll with gloves on and a face mask if necessary!

Model Rebecca's hair & makeup, photography provided by Jonathan & Kaye Photography

I was set-up and ready to go at 9 am! The models I worked with were great, and it is always fun to have creative freedom to just do what you want. As with any situation, I had to make a few changes, even though I already had a "plan." The models looked fabulous and the gowns were so amazing! 

And for those of you who are sad you missed it . . . No Worries!!! The next Bridal Ball will be held on March 1, 2015 at Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta, from 2 pm to 6 pm. I hope to see some of you there! I will have a booth set-up, as well as doing hair & makeup for more models. So come and say hi, and enter to win a few awesome makeup prizes at my table!

Model Jess's hair & makeup, photography provided by Jonathan & Kaye Photography

If you are a bride-to-be, Contact Me, to ensure you look Bride Beautiful on your special day! 

Stay beautiful! . . .  Inside and out.

"Natural" Bridal Makeup

Let's talk bridal makeup! Bridal makeup is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I enjoy the entire process from the initial inquiry, the trial, the wedding day, and everything in between. Every once in a while I will speak with a bride and she knows exactly what she wants, but this is quite rare. Most of the time brides will send me photos or their Pinterest board with many different looks they like, but are unsure of  what will look best on them. Outside of those two situations I get one of two request the most ... "natural" makeup, and Kim Kardashian. 

So let's first discuss "natural" bridal makeup (we will save the Kim Kardashian look for another post). A bride-to-be may say she doesn't wear much makeup on a day-to-day basis and doesn't want a "cakeface," or she may state she just wants to look like herself. There are also those of you who want "natural" makeup. So in all of these instances, a natural bridal look works best. 

First, let's clear up something ... There is no such thing as natural makeup. As a professional and skilled makeup artist, I can give the appearance of someone not wearing makeup, but makeup is definitely still applied. Natural looking bridal makeup would not included things like a red lip, smokey eye, or contoured cheekbones.

Photography provided by David Diener of Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Above is a photo of a beautiful bride I had the privilege of working with this past June, Corin. This is a wonderful example of natural looking bridal makeup. Corin is beautiful to begin with, so it was simply my job to enhance her features without distracting from them. 

Regardless of your desired look for your wedding, I would be honored to work with you to create the bridal vision you desire :-)

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out