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Currently, I am dreaming of summer time . . . Warm, humid air (yes, I'm even missing the humidity at the moment) summer nights at my son's swim meets, drinking tons of coconut water each day, and my summer brides.

When it comes to summer weddings, the questions I receive the most are, "Will my makeup last?" . . . "My ceremony and reception are indoors, but we want photos outside. Is my hair going to fall flat? Will my foundation melt?" When makeup is applied correctly, with heat and humidity in mind, your makeup will last. With the right products (and teasing, if needed), your hair will be beautiful . . . even at the reception, and even when it's 94 degrees outside. And if you need additional reassurance, there is always the option of booking me for the day! I will be right there to give touch-ups and guarantee flawlessness!

I had many summer weddings in 2016, and one of my favorite brides was Kayla. She is effortlessly gorgeous and just glows! I had the pleasure of doing hair and makeup for Kayla, and makeup for her mother and bridesmaids. I knew her wedding day was going to be a blast when we had her trial session. Kayla, and her dear friend Lennie (both pictured below), were a blast to be around! We talked all things hair, makeup and skin care, as these two are true glam girls. (Side note ladies, we still need to plan a makeup day! I'm thinking trying new looks and Sephora!)

Atlanta makeup artist

These photos by Picture This Photography, having me wishing for more downtown summer weddings, with gorgeous brides who have amazing friends . . .

As I look back at these photos, I am in love with Kayla's bridal look. For her makeup I used all neutral tones and a bit of rose gold on her eyes. For her hair, we went with a low, messy updo that allowed an easy transition from her ceremony veil, to her reception bridal comb . . . Classic, bridal beauty.

What's you're preferred bridal look? Are you a fan of the classic look? Or do you tend to like more dramatic looks? Comment below!

I'm looking forward to all my #corianneelizabethbrides for 2017. Summer is jammed packed with brides and their bridal parties, and I enjoy every moment! 

Stay beautiful! . . . Inside and out.

PUBLISHED! South Asian Inspired Bridal Shower Styled Shoot

I'm so excited to share some great news! Munaluchi Bridal has published, via their blog, a styled shoot I was a part of earlier this year! Now that is has been published, I can share some behind the scenes photos with you and give you my perspective.

For those of you who don't know what a styled shoot is, it's basically a planned photo shoot that allows various creative vendors to come together. Often times there is a theme or vision that everyone is working toward. 

I was contacted by Payal (on the left in the picture below), who is one of the partners of Anokhi Events, and asked if I was interested and available to do hair for this shoot. I typically do both makeup and hair, or just makeup for photo shoots, so I was excited to do something a little different this time! I didn't know much about the other vendors or the venue, so I was looking forward to meeting some new faces.

Paula Walker was the makeup artist for this shoot and we both started quite early that morning, with 4 models to take care of.

For this shoot I used primarily Oribe and Bumble and Bumble hair products. If was fun to experiment a bit, and have creative freedom. Once we transitioned to the gorgeous Summerour Studio I was shocked that I hadn't been there before. It is an amazing space that allows for so much creative freedom! Seriously, if you are a bride-to-be looking to get married in the Atlanta metro area, you MUST check it out. 

The morning went smoothly and it's always great to work with such free, creative individuals. It was beautiful to see how things came together and to finally have a full visual of the vision Payal had. Everything was amazing! The flowers were breathtaking, the cake was an absolute work of art, and the skirts designed for the shoot were perfect!

I always enjoy watching other people do their thing,  and am always super excited and pleased when photographers send the final images . . . I'm always amazed. It's a great feeling to know you've contributed to the "final product". Thank you to the photographer, Laura Barnes, for all the hard work you put in that day and after!

This is the link for the blog feature, South Asian Inspired Bridal Shower, but I thought I would share with you some of my favorite images as well!

Below I've listed all the vendors, in case you are interested in checking them out:

Planning and Design - Anokhi Events
Photography - Laura Barnes
Decor - Krystle Nichols of Lux Events and Decor
Hair - Corianne Elizabeth
Makeup - Paula Walker
Florals - Peachtree Petals
Venue - Summerour Studios
Cake - Confection Perfection
Table/Chair Rentals - Classic Party Rentals
Linens - Table Covers and More
Jewelry - Fab'rik
Models - Click Models
Skirts - Ella and Eman

And be sure to subscribe and stay tuned, as I will be interviewing Payal as part of a spotlight on wedding and event planners! Enjoy this last photo of gorgeous curls!

Stay Beautiful! . . . Inside and out.

"Natural" Bridal Makeup

Let's talk bridal makeup! Bridal makeup is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I enjoy the entire process from the initial inquiry, the trial, the wedding day, and everything in between. Every once in a while I will speak with a bride and she knows exactly what she wants, but this is quite rare. Most of the time brides will send me photos or their Pinterest board with many different looks they like, but are unsure of  what will look best on them. Outside of those two situations I get one of two request the most ... "natural" makeup, and Kim Kardashian. 

So let's first discuss "natural" bridal makeup (we will save the Kim Kardashian look for another post). A bride-to-be may say she doesn't wear much makeup on a day-to-day basis and doesn't want a "cakeface," or she may state she just wants to look like herself. There are also those of you who want "natural" makeup. So in all of these instances, a natural bridal look works best. 

First, let's clear up something ... There is no such thing as natural makeup. As a professional and skilled makeup artist, I can give the appearance of someone not wearing makeup, but makeup is definitely still applied. Natural looking bridal makeup would not included things like a red lip, smokey eye, or contoured cheekbones.

Photography provided by David Diener of Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Above is a photo of a beautiful bride I had the privilege of working with this past June, Corin. This is a wonderful example of natural looking bridal makeup. Corin is beautiful to begin with, so it was simply my job to enhance her features without distracting from them. 

Regardless of your desired look for your wedding, I would be honored to work with you to create the bridal vision you desire :-)

Stay beautiful! ... Inside and out